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New Marine Paint Regulations

Many municipalities are opting for lower VOC emissions including the types of paint used on boats docked in their marinas.  It’s not enough to just paint over old bottomside paint leaking harmful chemicals into the water, the original layers of paint need to be carefully removed first. offers an excellent cost effective solution with paint removers for boats that will do the trick safely and with far less effort than competitive products.

PRACTICAL SAILOR and POWERBOAT REPORTS that Peel Away® Marine Safety Strip is the #1 rated marine paint remover to peel away all anti fouling boat paint, bottom paint, and deck paint! Boat owners around the world love Peel Away® Marine Paint Strippers for their most difficult marine paint removal jobs. Peel Away® Marine Safety Strip (blue label) removes up to 15 coats of paint from wood and fiberglass boats. For heavy jobs use Peel Away® Marine Strip (red label) to remove up to 30 coats when Epoxy Barrier Coat must remain intact.

Peel Away Marine Safety Strip - 5 Gallons

Peel Away Marine Safety Strip – 5 Gallons

Peel Away® Marine Safety Strip Eliminates all anti fouling & other marine paints & varnishes without damage to the fiberglass, wood or metal. Environment safe. Remove stubborn bottom paint with no damage to underlying structure. No Harmful fumes. Peel Away® Marine Stripper works effectively on all materials: wood, fiberglass and even metal. It is an amazing safe bottom paint stripper for small boats, sail boats and yachts of all sizes. Peel Away® Marine Safety Strip is used by boat owners, large and small, for the toughest marine paint removal projects. Peel Away® Marine Safety Strip is regarded as one of the most effective and cost efficient marine strippers available. The #1 rated marine paint remover by PRACTICAL SAILOR and POWERBOAT REPORTS. A boater’s dream come true!

Peel Away Marine Strip - 5 Gallons

Peel Away Marine Strip – 5 Gallons

A revolutionary concept in marine paint removal, PEEL AWAY® Marine Strip is specifically designed as an alternative to PEEL AWAY® Marine Safety Strip for removing antifouling paint where the epoxy barrier coat is to be left intact. This product is an alkaline paste and in a single application will remove all antifouling coatings with NO TOXIC FUMES AND NO FLAMMABLE SOLVENTS. The system includes Citri-Lize Neutralizer & Mill Glaze Remover and Peel Away Paper, a fibrous laminated cloth which controls evaporation and is left on until all of the paint is dissolved. The final step is neutralizing the pH with Citri-Lize neutralizer. Our pH Test Strips help determine if you are at the correct pH level to begin the next steps in your refinishing process. Order Peel Away® Marine Strip 5-Gallons now and see great results soon! You’ll be amazed how easy and effective this product is!